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Design and Development is seamless when done with intent.

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There are countless ways to design and build a website, and we are familiar with most. There’s also a number of considerations when it comes to building them. At PGM, we provide the following as the forefront of our web design services:

  • Performance
  • Mobile-first Web Design
  • Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion
  • User interface (Design & Layout)
  • Interactive Elements for a Dynamic Experience
  • Content Management
  • Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
  • Responsive Web Design

Websites are a meaningful touchpoint for many businesses, and often it is the first impression people receive from you. PGM’s strategic plan allows you to define your goals in a way that is consistent with your brand story and messaging. We will assess your needs and goals to maximize your performance online, all while performing routine maintenance checks to make sure your site is running smoothly.

Our web design services include but are not limited to digital experience (UI / UX Design), responsive design, front-end development, speed assessments, light code, website consulting and maintenance, and web design and development.

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