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At Paul Gregory Media, we help our clients develop unique and engaging brand content marketing that increases their engagement, develops greater brand awareness, and ultimately grows their audience. We believe that genuine human engagement, storytelling content writing, and eye-catching graphics, are the key to success in telling your brand’s story.

Digital Storytelling

We believe that the key to a strong brand presence on social media is to tell the audience a story. Due to our deep brand analysis and understanding of your company goals, we are able to paint a picture for followers that will get their attention. 

Focus on a single story which becomes more engaging and emotive than a broader story
Being able to tell a story effectively is your essence / discern what the story is even if they don’t know


We believe that what’s needed to tell your story on social media is a prominent brand presence. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your brand and mission as if it were ours, in order to portray to your audience your organization’s story.

Social Media Plan

At Paul Gregory Media, we understand how quickly digital marketing trends change and keep up with the current and future social media trends. Our digital marketing team will perform a comprehensive audit of you, and your competitors, social media channels to help us gain an understanding of what resonates with your audience as well as understanding your organization’s unique voice. From there, we will create a unique social media strategy that will help expand your following and help your brand grow.


Did you know that your social media profiles build your organization’s equity in search engines? Going a step further, having other sites link to your website through social media posts is even better. You rank higher and gain more visibility allowing you to reach your target audience. Our team will deliver consistent and on-brand posting, rewarding your organization in the search engine optimization world. PGM helps you establish credibility through SEO and social media integrations by implementing the right strategy with the right keywords.

Content Creation

Our Digital Marketing team will work to create weekly written and visual social media content based on your social media strategy and overall brand presence, aimed to strengthen your digital footprint and attract new fans online. Content can vary from informational graphics, animations, “snackable” videos for social media, compelling testimonials, and much more.

Professional Graphic Design, Animation, and Video

At PGM, our graphic designers will create custom graphics to make your social media posts stand out while keeping your one-of-a-kind brand identity. We strive to ensure that all content posted on your behalf is captivating, on-theme, and helps to maintain a strong brand image.
You want to be recognized in your space. PGM will position you as just that. Our social media strategy will foster this leadership, making you a credible resource. Our goal is for you to be top of mind when it comes to your services and industry.

Approve Posts When You are Satisfied

Through our top industry-rated, easy-to-use, collaborative, social media management platform, your team will be able to review and approve content made by PGM before it goes out onto your social media channels. From there, we will handle the rest! Our team will ensure posts are scheduled and reach your audience at the best optimal time every day. By working with our social media management platform, you are able to see posts exactly how they will be published on social media and make comments to us directly if there are any changes that need to be made.

Competitive Advantage

It is clear that social media has become an extremely influential tool in growing your brand presence. Oftentimes, social media is misused or overlooked, resulting in inefficiencies rather than used to benefit your organization. We believe in the idea that social media can bring people together and convey the vision you have for your organization that others may overlook. Our ultimate goal is to make your brand and mission stand out against the competition while telling your unique story to your audience.
By working with us, you will receive a comprehensive social media strategy, weekly personalized visual and written content, monthly personal and competitor analysis, and SEO benefits, all aimed at your specific goals and marketing needs. All of Paul Gregory Media’s services are tailored to help your organization succeed in establishing a strong presence on social media and, ultimately, grow your business and audience.

Let’s Work on Content Marketing Together

Our team is dedicated to helping your organization reach its marketing goals and grow your brand on social media. At PGM, our values are simple: Your passion is our passion. Let us help to manage your content marketing and take the hassle out of social media. Your mission is our number one priority and we are motivated to provide you and your team the best service possible.

Are you ready to begin your hassle-free, social media journey with us? Call or send us an email to get started today!

“The one thing that makes them special is they truly become a part of your internal team.”

Kamala Martinez

CEO & Executive Director of KidsMatter

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