“B” the Change: PGM is Officially a Certified B Corporation

In the midst of a pandemic, staying optimistic takes on a new level of importance for us at Paul Gregory Media. With that being said, we are proud to announce that PGM is officially a Certified B Corporation®!

This new status means we’re joining a global movement of organizations, like Patagonia and Hootsuite, that aim to balance people, planet, and profit.

For the past fourteen years, we’ve proudly supported nonprofit and purpose-driven organizations, and we have taken a stand for causes that matter. We want to take this passion further, and use the power of Paul Gregory Media to give a platform to those who need it. Today and every day.

While we’ve championed causes like defeating homelessness, addressing mental health, providing affordable housing, serving people with special needs, and advocating for seniors, there’s so much more we can and should do.

We need to learn more about our impact as a company on our communities. And we need to do more to ensure a better future for everyone. To do this, we are excited to get started with these key goals:

  • Become carbon neutral. This is the first step in our ongoing environmental efforts and will be made possible by investing in renewable energy and offset programs, both in our office and in our remote work-from-home offices.
  • Create meaningful change. We’ll continue to use our platform to empower people and give voice to those who are trying to raise awareness and drive change within their communities.
  • Set more ambitious goals. We’re now a powerful example of a brand balancing its commitment to users, stakeholders, employees, the planet, and social good (phew!). We want to continue our efforts by setting yearly goals to keep building an inclusive, sustainable, and generally better marketing industry that works for everyone.
  • Choose the right partners. We’ll find more environmentally-sustainable and socially-aware partners to define a responsible and values-driven approach to business, growth, and the way we measure feedback in our community.

This will take sustained, focused, hard work — and that’s okay. Being a Certified B Corporation® is not a destination, but an ongoing journey.

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