pgm digital marketing grant

The envelope, please…

In 2020, Paul Gregory Media gave out the first round of digital marketing grants to a total of 5 organizations, where each recipient received a grant worth $2,500 for use on digital marketing projects. A year later in 2021, we gave out not one round, but TWO rounds of social media grants to a total of six organizations, worth $3,500 each. The value in these social media grants were to provide a month’s worth of social media strategy, graphics, and copy, as well as to provide an audit of social media channels, and a professional strategy for future months.

This year, we continued our PGM grant tradition, but with a twist; for our third year of grant giving, Paul Gregory Media has awarded two digital marketing grants worth $6,300 each! Upon applying, organizations had the opportunity to pick which of the two, below services they would like most, based on their marketing needs:

  • Social Media Management Grant: Includes an audit and strategy, along with actual posts (creative and copy) for an entire month, and one month of Social Media Professional Management. This is followed by an in-depth report and analysis to guide future months.


  • Google Ad Grant Management: Includes 2 months of Google Ad Grant Management, which includes spending up to the allotted $10K in grant funds provided each month to nonprofit organizations.

And we didn’t stop there; we also decided to include 6 months of ADA Website Compliance for the recipient’s website, so that their website is as inclusive and accessible as they are!​

And so, without further ado, we would like to introduce our 2022 PGM Digital Marketing Grant recipients: Salt Creek Ballet and West Suburban Humane Society!

pgm digital marketing grant salt creek ballet

Salt Creek Ballet is a Westmont-based organization whose outreach programs service several DuPage area schools – of which many have significant low-income populations, and would not otherwise have access to dance performances or lessons. SCB also provides free tickets and/or programs for social service agencies such as People’s Resource Center and SEASPAR. After a trying time as a performing arts organization during the COVID-19 pandemic, PGM is excited to partner with Salt Creek Ballet to strengthen their social media presence, in order to help them achieve their ultimate goal: to enrich the lives of our families and make a positive impact in our arts community!

pgm digital marketing grant west suburban humane society

West Suburban Humane Society – located in Downers Grove, IL – is a nonprofit organization that has been working with pet owners (especially pet owners in need) for the last 50 years. They provide many educational resources for their community, which includes information about local, low-cost veterinary clinics, financial grants, pet food pantries, and more! They have collaborated with Metropolitan Family Services to provide their clients with free humane education programming, both during the school year and as part of their summer camp program. Recently, they have also partnered with the Giant Steps school for the autistic community and SEASPAR, in order to teach teenagers and adults about proper animal care (along with some time for playing with their own animals!) PGM is excited to help them create their Google ad grant account, and to manage campaigns that will surely help them continue their mission of being a community resource for all pet owners.

Thank you to all of the great nonprofit organizations that took the time to apply for the PGM digital marketing grant. We see the amazing work that you all do, and it was definitely hard to make a decision this year! We hope to hear from you soon, and to see your application again for our next round of grants.

As nonprofit organizations dive deeper into their marketing strategies in this post-COVID world, sometimes a little professional help can go a long way. We feel both excited and honored to work alongside these organizations, and to adopt their missions that they live out everyday for their communities as our own.

If you are a nonprofit organization who is interested in the many ways PGM can help you fulfill YOUR mission, please contact us at 630.686.2600 or email [email protected]. We are excited for the possibility of joining your team!