West Suburban Philanthropic Network (WPSN) and Paul Gregory Media (PGM)

Paul Gregory Media to be Recognized as

2020 Philanthropic Business of the Year by WSPN

The West Suburban Philanthropic Network (WSPN) has recognized many outstanding organizations and their philanthropic work throughout the western Chicago suburbs, with Paul Gregory Media (PGM) receiving recognition this year as the 2020 Philanthropic Business of the Year. They will be streaming the celebration and interviews on their website on August 27th.

Through their generous donations of funding, leadership and time, PGM has done so much to enrich their surrounding communities.

PGM was nominated by Shefali Trivedi, Executive Director of Giving DuPage. Trivedi states, “In our work, we meet a lot of great corporate citizens, but PGM came to mind right away for the WSPN Philanthropic Business of the Year Award because we’ve witnessed first-hand how they are committed to nonprofits and their missions. They infuse purpose into their work product and have created a ‘community investment’ culture with their team. That can’t be an easy choice all the time, but PGM rises to a higher standard. So, it’s a great feeling to nominate them for this award which honors businesses for doing good.” 

In May, the organization announced a commitment to donate a series of grants totaling a value of $25,000. PGM has been completing its first five rounds of grants, and has announced the second round of grants on August 7. While each grant is worth $2,500, PGM has been over-delivering, investing over $71,000 in their grant program. 

More recently, PGM has also gained the status as a Certified B Corporation®, aiming to balance people, planet, and profit. This rigorous process demonstrates transparency, culture and procedures that value our people, our community, and our environment – joining just 24 other Certified B Corporations in Illinois.

In 2019, PGM completed over 67 pro bono projects with 24 different organizations. The team spent 653 hours working with clients, totaling to over $114,000 in value. As of July 2020, the organization has greatly surpassed its previous year, donating well over 900 inKind hours working with clients, totaling to over $157,000 so far.

PGM President Paul Feith says, “While we’ve championed causes like defeating homelessness, addressing mental health, providing affordable housing, serving people with special needs, and advocating for seniors and children alike, there’s so much more we can and should do. We need to learn more about our impact as a company on our communities. And we need to do more to ensure a better future for everyone.”

From the entire team at Paul Gregory Media, thank you. We are humbled and honored for this opportunity and recognition by the West Suburban Philanthropic Network.