So … What’s PGM’s Social Media Process?

Behind every outstanding social media campaign, post, or advertisement is a team that worked together to formulate a plan that crafted the perfect design, copy, and schedule. Paul Gregory Media’s team is constantly working behind the scenes on many social media accounts to ensure our clients reach their audience.

Here is an inside look into how we do it at PGM.

Step 1: Audit — First, we start with an audit of where our client currently is in the social space. This includes followers, the amount of content being posted, what the engaging posts are, what resonates with the audience, and audience segmentation. We also look into some of our client’s competitors’ social media channels to see how their content compares, as well as what is working and not working for them. We then use this research to form our recommended social media plan for our client.

Step 2:
2a. Strategy
— By using information from our audit, we form a strategy that is personalized and specific to our client. Based on their target audience, mission, personality, and many other factors, we create a strategy that will help our client reach their social media goals. The strategy includes monthly overarching themes and high-level subjects tied to programs and events. We create post topics for the next 4 to 8 weeks.

2b. Content Creation — We team with our designer and copywriter and create the posts — deciding whether it should be in image format, video format, or an animation. These posts are created 2 weeks in advance so that our clients have an opportunity to review and request changes if necessary.

Step 3: Schedule, Listen, & Research — Once the posts are created for each platform, we will use a scheduling tool to schedule posts. Using this same tool, we continuously look into what the target audience is saying online related to our client and their industry. Social Media is always changing, and PGM is always on top of the latest trends online.

Step 4: Report & Act — We provide our clients with monthly social media reports that detail how the past month performed online. We use the previous month’s results as a benchmark to plan the following month’s posts. We base our content on what resonates with the audience using engagement and growth analytics.

Step 5: Cost —  While our cost starts at $2,000/month, there are lots of contributing factors that can modify the cost, such as the number of platforms, the frequency of posting, and the amount of research involved. For a full accounting of contributing factors and associated costs, see this article, Social Media Marketing Costs from Design Rush.

There may be a number of steps in our list, but our social media process does not stop there! Social media is cyclical, so we are constantly riding that wave as platforms change. The team at PGM is constantly refreshing our knowledge on the intricacies of social media and the many updates to the many platforms we use for our clients.