Rick LochnerRick Lochner is the President and CEO of RPC Leadership Associates, a leadership and business consultancy that helps develop entrepreneurs, executives, nonprofit board members, and professionals. He honed his skills while serving 11 years in the military, leading soldiers in challenging environments worldwide. Upon leaving the Army, Rick spent the next 18 years in corporate leadership, ranging from front-line management to senior executive management. He successfully led organizations in Fortune 100 corporations and privately held entrepreneurial ventures in various industries. Rick is a revered coach, facilitator, and workshop and keynote speaker. He has also authored seven books, including Finding the Missing Piece: The Impact of Effective Communications on Sustainable Success. Rick graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Rick Lochner shares his leadership background
  • Is leadership innate or learned?
  • Rick shares how he became involved with nonprofit organizations
  • The difference between social enterprises and traditional charities
  • Why nonprofits should operate like a conventional business
  • What is the Community Memorial Foundation?

In this episode…

A 2018 published report revealed that approximately 7% of charities become insolvent because they lack business acumen. How can nonprofit agencies fulfill their mission without being confined to budget limitations?

Seasoned leader Rick Lochner has over 20 years of experience leading companies, including Fortune 500. After noticing a gap in the management of nonprofits, he wanted to offer his expertise while helping charities change the world. Most philanthropic organizations operate within an allotted budget, which is a non-scalable business model. While nonprofits focus on a mission, exploring alternative sources of revenue generation can help bolster scalability and impact. Rick coaches nonprofit leaders and boards to help them work within the confines of a traditional business that generates revenue. Rick also explains that charitable groups are more likely to succeed by formulating a growth-oriented strategy.

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast with Paul Feith, Rick Lochner, President and Head Coach at RPC Leadership Associates, discusses alternative methods to lead nonprofit organizations. Rick shares his leadership background and how he became involved in nonprofits, the differences between social enterprises and traditional charities, and why nonprofits should operate like conventional businesses.

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