Michael SitrickMichael Sitrick is the President and CEO of the DuPage Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity wholly focused on raising the quality of life throughout DuPage County. In his role, Michael spearheads efforts to expand the Foundation’s capacity and impact. Specifically, he leads in helping shape its strategic vision, forging community partnerships, and assisting people and organizations in achieving their charitable goals. With a wealth of experience, Michael’s background is rooted in philanthropy and community engagement. He is a dedicated community connector and volunteer leader who actively engages in volunteer work, further strengthening his ties to the area. To learn more, visit dupagefoundation.org.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Michael Sitrick gives an overview of his background
  • Michael discusses the DuPage Foundation, how it has grown, and its mission
  • What is the DuPage Community Transformation Project, and how does it impact the local community?
  • The purpose of year-end giving and the challenges of executing the initiative

In this episode…

The DuPage Foundation is a beacon of community impact and philanthropy. Established to enhance the quality of life in DuPage County, how has it significantly benefited the community?

As a certified fundraising executive, Mike Sitrick explains that the Foundation has awarded more than $88 million since its inception on behalf of area donors and our community. These grants have funded countless projects including better access to early childhood education, job training, mental health services, affordable housing, nutrition and other basic human needs, environmental protection, arts and culture, and more—helping improve the lives of thousands in DuPage County. Its charitable acts have also helped create a more vibrant and sustainable community. The DuPage Foundation’s efforts have strengthened communities and created a long-lasting impact.

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, Paul Feith welcomes Mike Sitrick, President and CEO of the DuPage Foundation, for an in-depth conversation about the organization. In addition to sharing more about the Foundation’s mission, services, and growth over the years, Michael expounds on the DuPage Community Transformation Partnership and effective charitable giving strategies.

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