Joan WincentsenJoan Wincentsen is the Executive Director of the American Hearing Research Foundation, a 67-year-old nonprofit funding hearing loss, balance disorders, and cause prevention research. Joan possesses over 20 years of nonprofit experience, including association management, where she’s honed her skills in fundraising, budget management, program development, and marketing. Before joining AHRF, Joan was the Executive Director of Conquer Myasthenia Gravis, a patient advocacy organization.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Joan Wincentsen shares what attracted her to join the American Hearing Research Foundation (AHRF)
  • Navigating fundraising, budgeting, development, and marketing in the nonprofit sector
  • Communication challenges faced by nonprofit leadership
  • What is AHRF and its mission?
  • Joan identifies types of hearing loss and why funding is imperative

In this episode…

Hearing loss is the third most prevalent issue among older adults, affecting an estimated 40-48 million Americans. Of that number, 28.8 million could benefit from hearing aids. How can we increase awareness of this issue and help more affected people?

The American Hearing Research Foundation aims to raise funds and awareness for hearing loss and its many causes and symptoms, including imbalance, vertigo, and tinnitus. Joan Wincentsen, a leader at the organization, explains that hearing impairments can have far-reaching consequences, such as the inability to learn or perform well in school or at work. Furthermore, disorders and debilitating diseases like Ménière disease that cause hearing loss can lead to isolation and suicidal thoughts.

Join Paul Feith on today’s episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, where Joan Wincentsen, Executive Director of the American Hearing Research Foundation, joins the show. Joan shares her inspiration for joining AHRF, the organization’s mission, and why research and funding are imperative to curing and treating hearing loss. 

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