Shelley TaylorShelley Taylor is the Executive Director of the Catalyst for Educational Change (CEC), which works with school districts across the US to implement measurable social change. In her role, she manages programs, partnerships, and content for teacher evaluations, mentoring, and leadership and inclusion practices. As a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), instructional coach, union president, and district-level administrator, Shelley serves Pre-K-12 settings with collaborative practices focused on continuous improvement. Her book Game Plan outlines her background in facilitating and leading professional learning communities.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Shelley Taylor shares her journey in education and introduction to the nonprofit space
  • What is the Catalyst for Educational Change (CEC)?
  • How Shelley navigated funding cuts to the CEC
  • The resources and organizations CEC relied on for support
  • CEC’s five-year strategic plan
  • Advice for nonprofit leaders: identify your guiding principles

In this episode…

Nonprofits rely on generous donations from community organizations and funding from government grants. What happens when nonprofits lose those endowments? How can they recover from financial devastation and forge a path forward?

Educational changemaker and transformational leader Shelley Taylor was inducted into a leadership position at the Catalyst for Educational Change (CEC) to address significant funding cuts. This lack of money compromised staffing initiatives and programs, so Shelley helped develop a five-year strategic plan to rebuild the organization and executed it using nonprofit resources and community support. She maintains the importance of remaining true to your mission to support the organizational rebuild. Shelley also emphasizes identifying your personal values to guide you through the transformation.

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, Paul Feith sits down with the Executive Director of the Catalyst for Educational Change, Shelley Taylor, to discuss how she rebuilt a nonprofit organization. Shelley describes the CEC’s mission, her educational journey inside and out of the nonprofit space, and the organizations she trusts.

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