Turning Pointe


Established in 2007 to raise the quality of educational support for children and young adults with autism, Turning Pointe Autism Foundation creates best-practice learning environments to increase independence, improve communication and socially appropriate behaviors.


Our team was tasked with a diverse amount of marketing requests and projects. We became Turning Pointe’s fully integrated marketing partner, working on a website refresh, mascot (OTIS) redesign, logo redesign, online registration, annual report, annual fundraising appeal, marketing their programs and events, diving into a comprehensive social media plan, and a range of videos for social media shorts, staff recruitment, graduation, and 2020’s First Look for Charity. Our overarching goal with Turning Pointe was to increase professionalism across the board and showcase how this autism school is making a huge difference in the lives of the students, families, and community.

Mascot Design


We utilized a task management platform to keep track of all ongoing projects and inspire new ones in the process. We first audited the old site discovering that the copy was outdated, the interface was not user-friendly and available to everyone, so we revamped the copy, made the site accessible for any viewer to have the same experience online and added an engaging video slider to showcase Turning Pointe as a school. All of the marketing collateral was driven with the same look and feel so consistency was prominent in all the work that was delivered. Social media was a unique challenge and the posts needed more emotion, sincerity, and content that people cared about. We focused on highlighting staff, board members, student successes, overall school programs, events, relevant articles and stories that the autism community could rally around. Lastly, the video process involved a written script, detailed schedule, and team driven to tell Turning Pointe’s story.

First Look for Charity 2020 Event Video
Career College Graduation Reflection Video
Why Work at Turning Pointe: Employee Recruitment Video


Turning Pointe Autism Foundation is now a prominent organization in the area and its message translates well with the community. They are regarded as a thought leader in the autism community through their social media posts and event promotions. We’ve become Turning Pointe’s agency of record and we’re proud to be their fully integrated marketing partner.

Some Social Media Posts

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation educates, inspires, and brings forth action through their best-practice school.

PGM is Turning Pointe’s agency of record who manages all aspects of their marketing from social media, website design and development, collateral, annual reports and appeals, mascot redesign, online registration, and video production. Our innovative approach pairs well with this nonprofit’s projects and we look forward to amplifying their message.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

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