PGM & Benedictine University’s Partnership:
Benedictine University is a non-profit liberal arts university located in Lisle, Illinois with a branch campus in Mesa, Arizona. BenU engaged PGM to create a strong brand positioning and messaging to depict core values from their institution. PGM helped create a memorable and unique extension of their brand.

In their messaging, we incorporated the concept of the “red thread” to be woven into the fabric of the university (see video below). PGM led BenU’s executive and marketing teams and created a cohesive look and feel for all enrollment marketing collateral and promotional material. With an updated look and feel, creatives that entice prospective students and families, and a cohesive “One University” concept across both campuses, PGM redefined the BenU brand.

That includes a complete redesign of their entire website from scratch
including UEX, content strategy, design, and development – which included SSO, Page Roles and functions, integration into 3rd party platforms, and more.
Please explore the many things PGM helped to amplify in BenU’s marketing projects below.


Visual Identity

Branding & Messaging

Campaigns &
Video Projects

Enrollment Projects



Visual Identity

A logo is meant to be recognized, so our team helped to solidify colors and logo versions to ensure consistency throughout their portfolio. One major shift was to remove the branded shield and replace it with the modern “B” icon. The other staples and events were also refreshed as you can see the incredible befores and afters.

Branding & Messaging

PGM built BenU’s core identity by strengthening its message, vision, and values. We did this by conducting qualitative and competitor research, defining branding elements (Pillars, Archetype, North Start) to set a solid foundation for enrollment marketing.

Campaigns & Video Projects

PGM assisted in dreaming up the unthinkable when it came to pivoting for a virtual commencement and baccalaureate ceremony. Our team developed a storyboard, script, and auditioned alumni to host the 2021 Benedictine commencement. We also engineered an automated self-serve website for graduating students to submit headshots and shout-outs for their graduation. Furthermore, PGM automated the graduate photos in the video production by getting the headshots directly from the website, animating each headshot individually with an Adobe After Effects script. This level of automation made it possible for BenU to accept student headshots and shoutouts up until a few days before the ceremony.