PGM dove into a brand overhaul solidifying Martin Avenue’s messaging and brand identity.

We constructed a user-friendly website with fresh copywriting and pictures that spoke to who they are. We’ve created a social media strategy to add community engagement to the mix. PGM undertook event management, PR, and collateral development. We’re now brainstorming Martin Avenue’s next big move in Naperville.

Naperville Elderly Homes (Martin Ave. Apartments)

Logo Design, Stationery, Website Design, Social Media, Video, Event Management and Online Registration, Online Apartment Application, Collateral, Marketing Consultation


Naperville Elderly Homes Inc. (NEH), operating as Martin Avenue Apartments, was founded more than 40 years ago when a group of local citizens wanted to create affordable housing for Naperville’s elderly and disabled residents.

Upon approval of a $30mm expansion project, NEH realized that they needed help with community engagement. Their leadership board did not feel confident in their ability to go out into the community and advocate for this organization because there wasn’t any clear brand messaging.


To build cohesion around the new Martin Avenue Apartments brand, updating its brand messaging and image to the community, utilizing independence, and affordability. Also, to increase overall community engagement and create awareness of the building’s location in Naperville.

The PGM team presented the new brand and messaging to the leadership board/staff at Martin Avenue Apartments, so they can become confident brand ambassadors.


Through conducting interviews with the residents and board members we understood the purpose behind their mission in a one-on-one approach. From this, we developed their brand pillars, positioning statement, elevator pitch, functional and emotional benefits, brand personality, business purpose, and brand essence. Moving on from there, we created their visual identity to present to the leadership team. Finally, we used the new look and feel to build a custom website and implemented a sound social media strategy for this nonprofit organization.

Before and After Logo Transformation

(New Logo on Bottom)

New Mission Statement:

Martin Avenue Apartments transforms lives by providing affordable and welcoming adult residences, active and enriching lifestyle opportunities, and by continuously nurturing a positive impact within the surrounding community.

The Result

With a new personality, identity, reformed brand, Martin Avenue Apartments became a cohesive brand that is now well-positioned for community engagement, and board members are pleased to be a part of an organization with a strong identity.

Sample Social Posts

Ground Breaking Ceremony