Founded in 1913, The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce (NACC) is the largest suburban Chamber in Illinois. Poised to build off its exceptional reputation, we modernized the Chamber brand to reflect its progressive brand values and created a cohesive message that connected its many programs, events and committees, now and in the future.


To remain relevant to the community and members, build cohesion around the programming and events produced by the Chamber, and to update its brand image to reflect momentum, growth and progressive thinking. Our business strategy established the foundation for the rebrand.


We interviewed a dozen executives, staff, and community leaders, conducted an online survey of 1400 Chamber members, and researched 4 competing chambers and associations to drive our market research. Then, topline messaging was created, which involved: Brand Essence, Brand Positioning Statement, Brand Story, Brand Personality, Functional Benefits, Emotional Benefits, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Elevator Pitch, and a Tagline. Next came visual identity and that consisted of: Logo, Brand Architecture, Color Palette, Typography, a Pattern Library, Photo Style Library, Stationary, and Marketing Templates.

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Out with the Old

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In with the New Logo

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NACC Personality


They focused on their benefits list, not their story. It sounded ‘corporate neutral’, and appeared outdated.


We took a stronger, loftier point of view, that was more bold and aspirational. We took a leadership stance, appealed to a wider audience, and sounded more human. It now matches their TRUE PERSONALITY and sounds like this…


Our voice is now more confident, reflects our brand attributes, and is more thoughtful of our members’ needs.

Poised to build off their exceptional reputation, The Chamber sought to modernize their brand to reflect its progressive brand values and create a cohesive message that connects its many programs, events, and committees now and in the future.

To that end, Paul Gregory Media recommended evolving The Chamber’s brand strategy to reflects the relevant and distinctive emotional equities that drive preference and to create a strong brand story externally and among employees that would continue to bolster the Chamber’s relevance and prominence into the future. This was a chance to put forth a new strategic beginning that for the first time, would align the Chamber’s organizational mission and brand strategy to maximize its relevance to Naperville businesses and the community at large.

Paul Gregory Media created top-line key messaging, including the mission and vision statements, elevator pitch, tagline, brand architecture, brand personality traits, and the ‘brand story’.

Further, PGM translated that into their new visual identity with logo design, a comprehensive logo-kit, new color palette, typography, stationery, media asset library, collateral templates, and a brand style guide.

Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce (NACC)

Brand Strategy, Brand Activation, Identity System, Media Templates, Video

Hermes Gold Award: Branding
Hermes Honorable Mention: Logo Unveiling Video
Communicator Award of Distinction: NFP Video
Communicator Award of Distinction: Brand Promo Video
Communicator Award of Distinction: Rebranding
Telly Bronze Award: Logo Unveiling Video
Vega Arcturus Award: Branding
Vega Arcturus Award: Logo Unveiling Video
AVA Digital Platinum Award: Special Event Video
AVA Digital Platinum Award: Brand Identity
AVA Digital Gold Award: Corporate Image
ACCE: Communications Excellence Award
Muse (3) Gold Awards: Event & Branding Video
Muse Award: Complete ReBranding
Summit Bronze Award: Complete ReBranding
Marcom Platinum Award: Branding Refresh
Davey Silver Award: ‘Brand New Brand’ Video
Zedman Gold Award: ‘Brand New Brand’ Video
DotComm Platinum Award: ‘Brand New Brand’ Video