CBTNetwork Case Study


CBTNetwork, formerly Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC), was fueled to build awareness and engagement of donors, funders, and foundations to provide free and open access to data (brain and spinal cord tissue) to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. CBTNetwork is made up of 17 hospitals/providers who work towards finding cures by open-source data sharing, pooling of biospecimens, and real-time global research collaboration capabilities. They felt their brand was being clouded by a physical operation site at a hospital, so they wanted to reevaluate how effective their brand was in the cancer community and how it’s perceived by the world.

Old Logo
New Logo
“The new brand has to inspire the world. Collaboration and open source are INSPIRING.”


PGM was tasked with creating a brand essence, brand story, elevator pitch, tone and voice, and brand to life through new messaging for the CBTNetwork. This new brand needed to have its mission shine through and allow for business development and increased overall brand awareness.


We started by conversing with the CBTNetwork team to understand their mission and goals for this new brand. A thorough brand audit took place to further understand the perception of their current brand through the eyes of private donors, corporate donors, CBTTC employees, and members of research institutions. After compiling data, surveys, and conducting interviews about feelings behind the old look and feel, we developed the brand strategy elements. We wanted to show who the CBTNetwork is, what they stand for, and what motivates those who interact with their brand. Their Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Brand Pillars, Segmentation and Targeting, Positioning Statement, and Tagline all went into building this strategy.

PGM then went to work on the deliverables and presented these ideas to a handful of board members and hospital doctors. These will be able to be used by the CBTNetwork as they continue to showcase their new brand to the world and onboard new employees. The Business Development Strategies included a strategy process, goal formation tools, and recommendations for their strategy and action plans. These resources and professional guidance ensure this team will succeed in their branding for years to come.

CBTTC Brand Pillars


The Open-science model provides biospecimens, genomic and molecular research, associated data, and usage platforms which otherwise could take individuals and institutions years to procure.


Since our inception, an authentic model of inter-disciplinary collaboration and transparency is the foundation of our global research and network of informatics and data applications.


Driven by our humanitarian ambitions and desires for immediacy of impact, we are leaders in harnessing global expertise and resources toward the acceleration of treatments and cures.

Brand pillars are the foundation elements of brand and marketing management. Compelling truths that go beyond mere attributes or adjectives, they describe your brand’s essence. They must have a deeper meaning and exist in every touchpoint, either visually, verbally, or ideally, both. 

The Result

The CBTNetwork has officially launched their new look and it has been widely received with open arms from doctors, clinicians, researchers, foundations, families. There is now a clearer understanding of who CBTNetwork is and what they do. Their logo and tagline speaks for itself and they are continuing to add hospital partnerships to their mission of “until every child is cured.”