Paul FeithPaul Feith is the President of Paul Gregory Media, a mission-based digital marketing agency that offers services such as branding, marketing campaigns, social media management, SEO, advertising, and fundraising. Paul is a self-described computer and technology nerd who started his first entrepreneurial venture as the owner of Compu-Tech, a database programming company. After a long career in corporate America as a new media manager for various dot-com startups, he founded PGM.

Paul uses his passion for volunteering at mission-based organizations by sharing his expertise in technology and marketing at various nonprofit organizations, including serving on the boards for Habitat for Humanity of Illinois, Giving DuPage, The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Social Responsibility Chicago. He is also active with The Rotary Club of Naperville

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What is pillar-based marketing?
  • The costs of using pillar-based marketing
  • Leveraging AI and other tools in market research
  • The advantages of using pillar-based marketing
  • How pillar-based marketing elevates marketing plans
  • The difference between pillar-based marketing and advertising campaigns

In this episode…

Pillar-based marketing — which has evolved over the past years — is a hierarchy of landing pages and blog posts built on SEO strategy. How can your company benefit from this marketing strategy?

Upon its inception, only large conglomerates could afford pillar-based marketing, which cost between $20,000-$30,000 per month. Thanks to modern-day technologies like AI and other content automation tools, it’s affordable for nonprofits and small to medium organizations, ranging between $3500-$8000. With the assistance of content automation, AI identifies keywords, topics, bullet points, and heading tags, giving marketers ideas for blog posts. So, not only is pillar-based marketing cost-effective, but it’s also time-effective, cutting research by 90%. Although this type of marketing is attractive, it benefits companies utilizing SEO for at least two years and produces results within 30-90 days. As Paul Feith muses more on the topic, these are just some of the many advantages of pillar-based marketing. 

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, Chad Franzen of Rise25 once again flips the script to interview host Paul Feith about pillar-based marketing. Paul discusses the costs of using pillar-based marketing, how AI enhances marketing research, and how companies can benefit from pillar-based marketing.

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