Naperville, IL — November 2, 2023 — Paul Gregory Media (PGM), a Naperville-based digital marketing agency, is pleased to announce that its B Corp Status has been reaffirmed by B Lab, the nonprofit responsible for certifying B Corps. A process that started in February and took 10 months to complete, PGM saw a 13% improvement in its overall score from 83.3 to 96.3.

Paul Gregory Media was the first digital marketing agency in DuPage County to achieve B Corp certification in July 2020 with an impact score of 83.3 points. Since its initial certification, PGM has integrated the results of its “B Impact Assessment” into its business’ sustainability strategy and taken measures to achieve tangible results across the five B Corp impact areas: Governance; Workers; Community; Environment, and Customers.

“Our recertification evidences our continued commitment to meeting high standards of social and environmental impact, as well as ensuring that we continue to evolve and improve for the benefit of our company, clients, and our community.”

B Corp Certification demonstrates that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. Becoming a B Corp involves a rigorous assessment of a company’s environmental and social performance, as well as its governance. Companies must achieve a minimum score of 80 points and meet B Lab’s risk and disclosure standards. The certification measures how companies manage their people, environmental footprint, products, suppliers, and the communities with whom they interact.

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