PGM Announces Second Round of Grant Awards Totaling $44k.

As Paul Gregory Media (PGM) finished their first round of grant work with five nonprofit organizations, they delivered much more than the grant indicated. In total, PGM donated over $26,000 in services, more than twice the $12.5k offered.

Now, in this second round, PGM would like to congratulate the following organizations:

  • WEISS Foundation ($8,025 grant)
  • Naperville Education Foundation ($8,650 grant)
  • Urban Muslim Minority Alliance (UMMA) ($9,025 grant)
  • We Grow Dreams ($14,250 grant)
  • Your Children’s Bookshelf ($4,100 grant)

This round of grants totals $44,050 in value. Combined with the first round of grants, PGM has donated $71,000 in marketing services. 

PGM President Paul Feith says that these grants are his company’s way of providing help to underfunded nonprofit organizations, especially in these times when pivoting to an all-digital marketing strategy is unfamiliar territory.

The team at PGM is looking forward to making a difference in these organizations, extending their reach, furthering their mission, and ultimately serving their beneficiaries.