Paul FeithPaul Feith is the President of Paul Gregory Media, a mission-based digital marketing agency that offers services such as branding, marketing campaigns, social media management, SEO, advertising, and fundraising. Paul is a self-described computer and technology nerd who started his first entrepreneurial venture as the owner of Compu-Tech, a database programming company. After a long career in corporate America as a new media manager for various dot-com startups, he founded PGM.

Paul uses his passion for volunteering at mission-based organizations by sharing his expertise in technology and marketing at various nonprofit organizations, including serving on the boards for Habitat for Humanity of Illinois, Giving DuPage, The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Social Responsibility Chicago. He is also very active with The Rotary Club of Naperville.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The origin of Paul Gregory Media (PGM) and how it was founded
  • Why do clients choose PGM over its competitors?
  • PGM’s inspiration for shifting clientele from small businesses to mission-based organizations
  • Why social media is one of PGM’s most revered services and how it benefits its clients
  • What motivated Paul Feith to start a podcast — and who are his targeted guests and audiences?

In this episode…

Mission-based organizations rely on donations to survive. With the assistance of an innovative social media management team, these nonprofits develop successful campaigns, growing their audiences and increasing user engagement and brand awareness. As a result, organizations can attract and retain new donors.

Online marketing veteran Paul Feith acknowledges that he made his name in the digital marketing industry by demonstrating empathy for his clients and their causes. His agency, Paul Gregory Media (PGM), is highly sought after due to its dedication to helping nonprofit and mission-based organizations. In addition to his commitment to these causes, Paul attributes the agency’s success to its talented social media professionals.

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, host Paul Feith welcomes Chad Franzen of Rise25. Chad flips the script and interviews Paul about the power of social media in digital marketing. Paul discusses Paul Gregory Media’s origin, PGM’s competitive edge, the agency’s preference to work with mission-based organizations, and what inspired him to start a podcast.

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Today’s episode is sponsored by Paul Gregory Media, a 17-year-old digital marketing agency in downtown Naperville, Illinois.

They are one of the few thousand Certified B Corporations worldwide, demonstrating PGM as a leader of a global movement to use business as a force for good, meeting high standards of accountability, transparency, and community involvement. They have been trusted by hundreds of organizations since 2006.

PGM is recognized as one of the top marketing agencies in the region, earning more awards than many of its competitors combined. They have the passion, commitment, and expertise to get it done.

To learn more about the services PGM offers or how they can support you with your marketing needs, visit www.paulgregorymedia.com or email them at [email protected].