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Las Vegas, USA — July 19, 2023 — Paul Gregory Feith was honored with the “Outstanding Leadership Award” for his extraordinary achievements in the marketing field at the Summer Edition of the Marketing 2.0 Conference, held at the Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, USA from July 10–12, 2023.

Paul Gregory Feith is the visionary behind Paul Gregory Media (PGM), a dynamic digital marketing agency that supports nonprofit organizations. From its humble beginnings in 2006, with Paul as the sole graphic designer, PGM has flourished under his leadership into a team of thirteen passionate professionals.

In 2000, Paul took the bold step of making PGM a certified B-Corporation, putting the values of people and the planet above profit. This commitment to sustainability, carbon neutrality, work-life balance, and responsible vendor selection has distinguished PGM in the industry and propelled them to achieve record-breaking revenues in 2022.

At the forefront of corporate and social responsibility, PGM dedicates 15% of its time in-kind to giving back to its clientele and donates 1% of its gross revenues.

Paul Gregory Feith’s consistent excellence and impactful endeavors in the marketing domain have earned him this distinguished recognition at the Marketing 2.0 Conference.

Marketing 2.0 Conference is a premier event for professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing marketing world. The conference’s USA edition emphasized community-building and collaboration while focusing on evolving marketing strategies and trends. With interactive sessions and networking opportunities, participants connected with industry leaders and like-minded individuals to exchange ideas and spark creativity. To know more about its upcoming events, please visit www.marketing2conf.com.

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