Janell RobinsonJanell Robinson is the Executive Director at Hope’s Front Door, a mission-focused organization providing resources like food, medication, and educational programs in DuPage County. With over 18 years of experience in human services and management in the nonprofit space, her expertise lies in fundraising and advocating for civic engagement. Through volunteer work and community outreach on boards like Giving DuPage, Janell enhances the quality of life for those in need. 


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:26] Janell Robinson discusses the role of nonprofits in maintaining a healthy community
  • [1:39] Hope’s Front Door’s diverse service offerings and programs for those in need
  • [3:10] How generational philanthropy has influenced Janell’s life and outlook on community service
  • [11:50] Janell talks about DuPage County’s low-income communities
  • [14:15] The power of partnerships and community support in nonprofit work
  • [22:19] Advice on making a difference through small acts and contributions

In this episode…

Many communities try hard to maintain a facade of prosperity. Yet beneath this affluence, individuals and families struggle with basic needs like food and transportation. How can nonprofit organizations provide immediate relief and empower long-term sustainability?

With a rich history in nonprofit and community service, Janell Robinson emphasizes the importance of volunteering locally to address immediate community needs. Nonprofit organizations like Hope’s Front Door can provide direct aid and educational programs on financial literacy, career development, and workforce training. They can also drive policy changes to advocate for affordable housing and healthcare access for underprivileged individuals. By supporting and donating to these organizations and programs, you can amplify community impact and resources.

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, Paul Feith welcomes Janell Robinson, the Executive Director of Hope’s Front Door, to talk about how everyone can contribute to society through nonprofit organizations. She explains how small actions can make significant differences, Hope’s Front Door’s service offerings and programs, and how generational philanthropy has influenced her career.

Resources Mentioned in this episode

Quotable Moments:

  • “I think nonprofits are just an integral part of making sure that a community stays healthy.”
  • “Most Americans don’t have that $400 to meet an emergency need.”
  • “We’ve listened to what’s going on in the community, and we’ve been able to respond to it.”
  • “Once people understand the need, they will step up.”
  • “Everybody can be a changemaker.”

Action Steps:

  1. Volunteer time or skills to local nonprofits: Volunteering enriches the community and provides essential support to organizations offering aid to those in need. Doing so engages with the local community and helps build a network of aid and support.
  2. Become a skilled fundraiser for a cause you’re passionate about: Skilled fundraising is critical to nonprofit sustainability and impacts the ability to provide comprehensive services. Fundraising initiatives broaden the resource base, ensuring continuity of support to vulnerable communities.
  3. Promote financial literacy within your community: Financial literacy can empower individuals and families to manage resources better, improving overall quality of life. Offering or supporting financial education reflects a community investment in the economic health of its members.
  4. Advocate for affordable housing initiatives in your local area: Affordable housing is a significant challenge which nonprofits strive to address. Advocacy can attract necessary attention and resources to support the development of sustainable housing solutions for low-income households.
  5. Spread awareness about nonprofit resources in your community: Sharing information about nonprofit resources can bridge the knowledge gap for those who may benefit from the services offered. Increased awareness leads to greater community engagement and helps to reach those in need more effectively.

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