Katrina SyrrisKatrina Syrris is the Social Media Manager at Paul Gregory Media (PGM), a mission-based marketing agency dedicated to serving clients’ altruistic values. A self-described social butterfly with a flair for communication, she acquiesced to hone her social media skills. Katrina’s hands-on experience and efforts make her an asset at PGM. When she’s not creating content, Katrina can be found building theatrical production sets or in a forest preserve. She serves as the Commissioner for the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission and is the Founder and Artistic Director at Goodly Creatures Theatre. At Goodly Creatures—a modern theater company bringing literature to the stage—Katrina writes, produces, and directs productions for indoor and outdoor venues.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Katrina Syrris shares her background in social media
  • Strategies for a successful social media campaign
  • Why social media is essential for business growth
  • Social media platforms: Is it a sales tool or a marketing tool?
  • Game-changing tactics for effective organic posts
  • Preferred social media management tools
  • Katrina offers advice for marketers

In this episode…

In a world where the public increasingly demands transparency from companies, social media platforms provide a window into a business’s personality and values. This information helps consumers decide whether to work for or do business with a particular organization. However, in terms of reaching an audience, is social media a sales or marketing tool?

Social media manager Katrina Syrris explains that social networking provides brand awareness but still supports conversions. Nevertheless, using social media effectively is crucial to achieve your desired results. If your business’ conversion rates continue declining, the next step is to start tracking analytics or refine your strategy. Social media is a powerful tool to position your brand as a cultivated thought leader and build a relationship with a desired audience. When used correctly, these platforms exhibit a company’s significance in the community. Additionally, social media allows brands to interact with the public and gives them a voice to address positive and negative feedback. Social media is constantly evolving, so adapting your strategies as needed is essential.

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, Paul Feith interviews Katrina Syrris, Social Media Manager at Paul Gregory Media (PGM), about how businesses can benefit from social media. Katrina shares strategies for successful campaigns, preferred management tools, and discusses the differences between using social media as a marketing tool and as a sales tool.

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