How Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help During a Pandemic

At Paul Gregory Media (PGM), our team deeply values working alongside mission-driven organizations because they inspire us with meaningful work. Even enduring a global pandemic, those values will never waver. While your current practice may be to do everything yourself and not use third-party services, sometimes it is worth considering changing this approach.

Marketing in times of crisis keeps you connected with customers, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and partners. This is especially important when facing financial uncertainty because it’s those very individuals and companies that you will need to reach out to secure your funding. At the beginning of this pandemic, I saw sponsors and donors initially pull back. Now, after 5 months, sponsors and donors are near full swing — I’m encouraged by the generosity I’ve been seeing as of late.

Focusing on what works in critical situations is better than trying to experiment. Instead of trying out new approaches, align your resources for the right aspects of your business. This is where PGM can help. We can walk you through your analytics and data to determine the next steps and what areas to focus on. With this data-driven approach, there’s no guessing on where your biggest ROI will come from.

At PGM, we have also helped rebrand many organizations. This brings on a renewed perception and messaging forming a tighter alignment with your mission and values. To view our rebranding efforts and success stories, please visit https://paulgregorymedia.com/?s=rebrand.

More recently, PGM has awarded 10 digital marketing grants to nonprofit organizations totaling to more than $44,000. Due to the limitations of COVID-19, nonprofit organizations globally have been forced to shift to digital marketing, and PGM was eager to help those in their community succeed. With the loss of volunteers and resources, PGM was determined to help organizations maintain their mission.

Overall, digital marketing agencies like PGM can be extremely helpful, and quite frankly a relief, when your company or business suddenly finds itself in a critical situation.

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