Suzanne KinseySuzanne Kinsey is the Executive Director of Fox Valley Community Services, an organization assisting seniors with homemaker services, adult day care, transportation, home delivery meals, and more. She brings 30 years of healthcare experience to FVCS, including leadership roles in various nonprofit organizations, such as Regional Vice President at Help at Home and Assisted Living Director at The Holmstad in Batavia. Suzanne is also experienced in working with deaf people and is fluent in sign language. Additionally, she’s trained in crisis intervention and supporting individuals with Alzheimer’s and in-patient psychiatric programs.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Suzanne Kinsey gives an overview of her background
  • What does leadership represent for Suzanne?
  • Aspects that contribute to healthy aging
  • How ageism can be conducive to aging positively
  • Suzanne discusses Fox Valley Community Services and the resources they provide

In this episode…

Statistics show over 600,000 US citizens will be older than 60 in the next 10 years. In addition to biological changes, aging is often associated with other life transitions, such as retirement and moving to more suitable housing. How does this influence healthy aging?

According to healthcare professional Suzanne Kinsey, health is multidimensional, encompassing physical, mental, and cognitive well-being. Social interaction and economics also contribute to overall health. As people age, they may experience ageism, creating challenges such as finding well-paying jobs. This can lead to poverty, making accessing healthy foods and healthcare difficult. Additionally, older adults may not be able to afford medications. Suzanne asserts that more resources are needed for aging populations as the number of older adults increases.

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, Paul Feith welcomes Suzanne Kinsey, Executive Director of Fox Valley Community Services, to talk about ageism and how it affects individuals’ abilities to age healthily. Suzanne shares what leadership represents, contributing factors to aging positively and negatively, and the resources Fox Valley Community Services provides.

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