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Can you believe that #GivingTuesday celebrates ten years of philanthropy this year?

Established in October 2012, founding partners included Mashable, Skype and Cisco. GivingTuesday provides an ideal opportunity for raising awareness and funds for nonprofits of all sizes.

GivingTuesday also serves as a kickoff date for the remainder of the year, allowing organizations to introduce themselves and their missions to donors who may previously have been unaware of their existence. According to Winspire, two-thirds of people who make donations do no research before giving.

Some additional fast facts about donors and their giving patterns:

Nearly one third (31%) of annual giving occurs in December*

12% of all giving happens in the last three days of the year*

28% of nonprofits raise between 26-50% of their annual funds from their year-end ask**

*Source: Nonprofit Tech For Good
**Source: Nonprofit Hub

To maximize the impact of your GivingTuesday initiatives, it’s a good idea to start messaging and your campaign right now. Some suggestions from GiveWP:

• Determine what story you plan to tell about your nonprofit
• Decide how you will encourage supporters to give across a wide variety of participation options
• Create a landing page and donation form to share stories that increase positive sentiment around your cause
• Launch ahead of GivingTuesday using hashtags and logos
• Send #GivingTuesday emails (plan three to five emails) within two weeks of GivingTuesday to highlight your efforts
• Remember to thank all donors from your GivingTuesday campaign and stay engaged with them throughout the year

Based on these statistics, it’s easy to see how important planning can be for the financial health of your nonprofit organization. The good news is, GivingTuesday has created a workbook designed to help create a winning strategy for funding cycles and leveraging the momentum of the #GivingTuesday hashtag. Among other things, the workbook and toolkit help:

• Plan your campaign and recruit a team
• Tell your story so that it inspires support
• Create timelines to organize your planning

There’s even more good news! While the workbook and toolkit are helpful, having a marketing partner like PGM may increase the effectiveness and impact of your efforts. Our experts can help you locate and activate Google grant monies, incorporate winning search engine strategies (both short term and long-tail SEO), and sustain your connection with donors long after #GivingTuesday has passed.

We’re a Certified B Corporation, so we understand first-hand the value of doing good. Your mission is our mission. Let us know what’s important to you — we’d be honored to partner in your success.

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• Plan your campaign and recruit a team
• Tell your story so that it inspires support
• Create timelines to organize your planning