Gift from a Child

#Handstands4Cures Social Media Campaign


Gift from a Child is a national initiative supported by families who have lost children to brain cancer, private foundations, researchers and medical professionals. Gift from a Child’s mission is to increase post-mortem pediatric brain tissue donations through advocacy as well as the education of families enduring the worst … the loss of a child.


In celebration of September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Gift from a Child wanted to create a comprehensive and inclusive social campaign bringing awareness to how many children are impacted by cancer each year, 15,780 to be exact. They wanted to create an exciting challenge to encourage people of all ages to Give a hand (recognize someone) or take a stand by doing an actual handstand.


We researched how other viral campaigns were successful, collaborated with the client to solidify the message. We then created a logo, a landing page, example copy, social media templates, and signs.

We implemented this challenge on all social media channels in hopes to spread awareness for an important month in the pediatric cancer community.


Total impressions for the whole month of September was an impressive 146.6k. Over a thousand photo and video submissions came in for the #Handstands4Cures challenge! In fact, one video got over 10,000 views on Facebook. This challenge was featured in multiple media outlets and highlighted on local television stations. The simple landing page layout encouraged partners and other institutions to jump into the challenge with us, spreading it into their networks.