Dorri McWhorter Dorri McWhorter is the President and CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, an organization that is inspiring change with the power of play. Dorri is known for her innovative leadership and commitment to social impact. With a background in both corporate and social change sectors, she brings a unique blend of experience to her role. Recognized as a 2019 inductee into the Chicago Innovation Hall of Fame and named to the Blue Network, Dorri is celebrated for her visionary approach to community well-being and her leadership in Chicago’s tech and innovation spheres.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Dorri McWhorter established herself in her position at the Chicago YMCA
  • Dorri explains how all businesses are social enterprises
  • What is a social venture?
  • The value of the YMCA’s partnership with Peloton
  • What are the different services offered by the YMCA
  • Dorri shares her experience as part of the move Uncharitable

In this episode…

Marketing in the nonprofit sector is not simply about promoting a cause; it involves fostering meaningful connections and driving social change. In today’s interconnected world, all businesses, including nonprofits, have a social responsibility to contribute positively to society. But what strategies can nonprofits employ to ensure their marketing efforts not only raise awareness but also create tangible social impact?

Socially-conscious business leader Dorri McWhorter challenges conventional norms by advocating for a shift in mindset, embracing business strategies to maximize social impact. Through initiatives like transforming YMCA centers into community hubs and strategic partnerships, Dorri demonstrates how nonprofits can innovate to meet evolving community needs. Her involvement in initiatives like the movie Uncharitable highlights her dedication to challenging outdated paradigms in nonprofit management. To drive positive change within their organizations and communities, Dorri advises aspiring nonprofit leaders to embrace innovation, challenge limitations, and actively seek creative solutions.

In this episode of the Mission Matters podcast, Paul Feith hosts Dorri McWhorter, the President and CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, to talk about social enterprise with the Chicago YMCA. Dorri discusses what a social venture entails, the different services offered by the YMCA, and how the YMCA is embracing the digital landscape.

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