Chase HarmerChase Harmer is the Founder of Wishes Inc, a platform designed to make charitable giving instant, tax-deductible, and transparent. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he built and sold a $40 million business at the age of 32. A veteran in the payments industry, Chase has a track record of scaling startups and creating innovative technological solutions.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Chase Harmer became disillusioned with charitable giving 
  • How Wishes Inc revolutionizes charitable donations through transparency
  • Chase shares how charity: water inspires his fundraising methods
  • A calculated approach to empowering nonprofits 
  • The constitutes of the Wishes Inc platform
  • Wishes Inc’s revenue model
  • What inspired Chase to build Wishes Inc?

In this episode…

American grocery store chains have discovered that they can increase conversion rates and receive tax deductions by requesting small donations from every customer. Yet this has tarnished the reputation of the charitable giving space, as most consumers don’t know who their money benefits. Charities and nonprofits can change the game by allowing customers to donate to a cause of their choice while receiving tax benefits.

After becoming jaded by the increasingly bureaucratized nature of charitable contributions, software architect Chase Harmer built a platform that provides customers with full transparency into their donations. The platform allows individuals to raise money on behalf of a nonprofit, donors to allocate funds across multiple causes, and nonprofits to request donations, all of which can be tax deferred. When working with nonprofits, Chase requires them to maintain transparency with their donors regarding the utilization of their funds, ensuring they can create a visible and tangible impact.

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, Paul Feith interviews Chase Harmer, the Founder of Wishes Inc, about his mission to reinvent charitable giving. Chase describes the Wishes Inc platform, its revenue model, and his inspiration to build it.

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