Andrea Ingram is the President and CEO of DuPage Children’s Museum, where she has led transformational change culminating in evidence-based impact. As a visionary, entrepreneurial, and mission-driven leader, she champions diversity, equity, and collaboration. Andrea is also an experienced lawyer, public policy advocate, social service agency executive, and cultural institution thought leader.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [3:03] Why Andrea Ingram joined the DuPage Children’s Museum
  • [7:44] How DuPage Children’s Museum engaged with children and families during the pandemic
  • [14:47] Andrea talks about DuPage Children’s Museum’s programs
  • [18:48] The challenges Andrea overcame during her professional development
  • [20:51] Advice for young professionals: begin and end with a vision

In this episode…

Cultural institutions play a vital role in community engagement, providing crucial learning and development resources. How can visionary leaders drive radical change and maximize their organization’s impact?

As a progressive leader spearheading experiential programs at DuPage Children’s Museum, Andrea Ingram pivoted the organization to sustain engagement during the pandemic. She fostered relationships with diverse communities by partnering with other notable organizations to empower adults to provide fun and accessible experiences for children. To cultivate value in cultural institutions, Andrea emphasizes executing every objective with a vision in mind and developing a culture that collectively owns the vision.

In this episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, Paul Feith hosts Andrea Ingram, the President and CEO of DuPage Children’s Museum, to discuss her role in fostering cultural engagement in her community. Andrea talks about the museum’s programs, how she overcame challenges during her professional development, and why she joined the organization.

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