Cause Marketing Campaigns

Cause marketing campaigns, a subset of cause marketing, are the key to the ever-evolving world of marketing. Fortunately, the concept is not difficult to understand. According to the training guide titled, “Copywriting for a Cause: How to Profit as a Writer and Make a Difference in the World” written by Megan Tyson and Mindy McHorse, cause campaigns “consist of linking a marketing effort to a good cause.”

Cause marketing campaigns such as the “Ice Bucket Challenge” by ALS and “Real Beauty” by Dove may ring a bell from many years ago. But, it’s 2020. So, we have to ask ourselves: How and why are these cause campaigns still exploding with popularity, even after all these years?

In a more socially-aware and conscious society, business leaders are confronted with facing tough choices. Whether it’s in person or on social media, people have no problem voicing their opinions regarding social issues. So, when businesses do the same and stand up for social issues, partner with charities, etc. it is giving the business a more “human” side. In turn, more organizations are learning they can gain a competitive advantage in their fields as a result of weaving social or environmental practices into their business strategy. According to Tyson and McHorse, “…one of the top 10 reasons consumers are motivated to make purchases occurs when a company supports a worthwhile cause.”

A more recent example of a cause marketing campaign is Nike’s “Dream” advertisements. The series of ads focused on women’s empowerment and invited viewers to dream of a world in which women have the same opportunities in various sports as their male counterparts. The most popular video in this series generated 10,558,022 views and 93,000 likes on YouTube. This example of a cause marketing campaign not only enhanced Nike’s coverage and increased sales, but also spread a message that Nike felt the world needed to hear. Every day, more and more businesses are turning to cause marketing campaigns to measure their success. Even something as simple as donating a dollar to a dog rescue at the cash register is cause marketing. Instead of products, cause marketing campaigns focus on stories and emotions to engage consumers.

Cause marketing campaigns have been around for years, but it almost always seems to be the key to a successful campaign within any organization. Consumers take action when a company advocates for a good cause. According to “Copywriting for a Cause: How to Profit as a Writer and Make a Difference in the World,” it also doesn’t hurt that the Return On Investment (ROI) for well-executed cause campaigns consistently shows a positive payoff. Do good, and good may come right back to you.