Brand Identity


Give your brand the story it deserves.

Your brand identity is the promise to your clients the personality of your company, and it is more than just a clever name or color palette. We take the time to discover your organization, your customers, and industry trends relevant to your brand positioning. PGM builds creative strategies that uncover deep, true, actionable insights. At its core, a brand is the sum of all experiences that customers, employees, and others have with your business. Let’s dig deep and unleash the potential of your brand to the world!

Strategic, consistent branding of your organization will command a premium price, open up new channels and reach, build loyalty, create a greater partner appeal, provide a superior return on marketing investment, deliver more efficient expansion, and yield better business results.

Branding Deliverables

Phase 1

Marketplace Snapshot
User Research
Internal Interviews

Phase 2

Brand Strategy Document
Organization Mission/Vision Statement
Top Line Key Messaging

Phase 3

Color Palette
Patterns/Photo Assets
Grid Templates for Stationary and Collateral

Including — Target Audience, Business Descriptor, Brand Personality Traits, Brand Equities, Positioning Statement, Brand Essence, Brand Voice, Potential Taglines, Elevator Pitch, “Our Story”

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