Amy Van PolenAmy Van Polen is the CEO of Bridge Communities, a nonprofit organization helping homeless families. She oversees an eight-person executive leadership team that consists of fund development, community engagement, finance, program, and evaluation directors. Leveraging 25 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and management, Amy spearheads the NPO’s fund development and engagement team in raising over $4.2 million of a $5.2 million budget. She is passionate about discovering opportunities and implementing strategies for nonprofit organizations to create meaningful relationships with their stakeholders.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Amy Van Polen reflects on her background and what attracted her to Bridge Communities
  • What are some of Amy’s key leadership strategies?
  • Using Gallup Survey as an employee engagement tool
  • What transparency means to Amy
  • Fostering relationships and other funding development techniques
  • Amy’s insights on building a positive company culture
  • Bridge Communities’ mission and the programs it provides
  • How Bridge Communities works to end homelessness
  • Bridge Communities’ impact on its community

In this episode…

Family homelessness often stems from economic factors and abuse, including a lack of affordable housing and inadequate wages. It’s important to recognize that many families grappling with homelessness are employed, so how can we end this epidemic?

Organizations like Bridge Communities are making significant strides in the fight against homelessness through innovative programs and dedicated leadership. Advocate Amy Van Polen explains how they provide transitional housing, mentoring, and supportive services to homeless families, empowering them to achieve self-sufficiency. Through comprehensive programs and personalized support, Bridge Communities addresses the root causes of homelessness and helps families regain stability and independence.

In this recent episode of the Mission Matters Podcast, host Paul Feith sits down with Amy Van Polen, CEO of Bridge Communities. Amy delves into the organization’s mission to end homelessness, highlighting Bridge Communities’ programs and efforts to empower families facing homelessness. Additionally, Amy shares her insights on effective leadership strategies and techniques for successful fund development.

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