PGM Works

Here at PGM, we have the passion to serve your nonprofit organization which is a catalyst for change, and we aspire to go beyond our extensive marketing services to help them reach their mission’s goals. We want to understand your story and become immersed in your nonprofit’s initiatives.

Our belief is that your nonprofit’s marketing needs should be met with the best services and team to help you, help others. What are some of the benefits that will activate your mission by using PGM?

Your PGM Works Team

PGM’s staff is well equipped with the right skill sets to integrate your passion. Our team includes a brand strategist, copywriter, photographer, videographer, developer, designer, social media strategist, digital marketing coordinator, public relations representative, and project manager. Since we have professional expertise for any marketing project, question, or idea, you’ll never feel alone.

NonProfit in-kind Contributions

Our team is well-known for devoting extra time to our projects to support their mission. In fact, PGM contributed 653 inKind hours last year to help our clients be the best they can be! We work tirelessly so you feel confident that your marketing needs have been exceeded.

Best-in-Class Technology

At PGM, we don’t hold back from using top-of-the-line technology to drive your message. Using the best programs with our skilled team, we are devoted to making your nonprofit grow and shine. We are masters at turning strategy into implementation, and our resources will help drive your ideas into reality.

Simply put, we do what we do because we care. Helping your nonprofit grow in its mission and actively contributing, serving, and volunteering is just another reason why we love our job. You are passionate about your mission, your marketing team should be driven by that same passion.